BAZ TREE-OF-PARADISE: Highly Polished Metal, Contemporary Delicate Eye Catching Sculpture, Kinetic Candle Light Shadowing 3D Effect, 8 Interlocking Elements Symbol For Infinity. An Exquisite Design




    Color: Silver

      Brand: Marianne Nems

        Material: Stainless Steel

          Dimensions LxWxH: 4.5x5x4.5 In.

            Number of pieces: 8

              Weight: 2.2 Lbs

              • Candleholder: Beautifully handcrafted & laser cut to perfection this candleholder is a sculptural & strikingly brand new piece of home décor. Great as candleholder decorative & collectible.
              • Refined Design: Inspired by the energy of the Fire, Feng Shui element of the bright sun, happy occasion, achievements to be celebrated, or of romance & passion. This energy is nourishing & warms your heart. THE TREE OF PARADISE: to symbolize Love, Serenity & Eternity multi function.
              • BAZ CONCEPT: Original design by MARIANNE NEMS captures the raw great thing about stainless steel to its highest aesthetic. BAZ center assembly made up of 3 interlocking parts & a set of 2 connectors fastened to the perforated sides that are shiny to create a luxurious aesthetic look & to give protection to it from aging whilst the center parts are more or less polished to give it a contrasting effect. Our designs incorporate latest good looks with practical innovation & functional unique collectibles.
              • Explore our gel candles to succeed in a flawless trinity of transparency, fluidity & reflection.
              • The Atmosphere: Your home decoration is transformed with the art of just one candleholder: the kinetic shapes shadowing, the natural light from the candle travels through the duplicated perforated patterns creating a flickering projection on your walls. The candlelight encreasing by reflecting indefinitely at the shiny metal, & highlighting the material of 1/8″ around every perforation, the effect is a mesmerizing 3-dimensional reverberation. The exact distance between the sides & the candle tray creates calming symmetry.
              • Candle Tray: Included

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